Monday, October 31, 2005

I hate dating......

I really do. I mean, this is just ridiculous.

Are this Cute Boy and I Dating? Seeing each other? Being frineds? Does ANYBODY know what's going on here?!?!?!?! Because I don't.

Like, if the hot SubShack delivery boy asked me out on a date this weekend, would it be wrong to go on a date with him? Or would I have to tell Cute Boy first? (Quite frankly I think I'd rather have Cute Boy than SubShack Delivery Boy, but anyhow we're talking hypotheticals here).

Or like, if Cute Boy doesn't want us to hang out any more, is that considered a breakup? Or is it considered a couple of people who were seeing each other but are now not? Or what? Would I be considered dumped yet again if this thing didn't pan out?

At what point do you give someone some possibly traumatic information about your past? Like if you're hiding a whole lot of deep, dark secrets, when is it time to spill it? Like, if I had secrets to spill, and spilled it now, and he breaks up with me three days from now, why the hell did I bother? (WHich is why, if you must know, I generally put off telling anyone anything about my life until I'm sure that their presence will be in it for a while. I find it draining to have to explain myself to everyone I meet) .

I love the mail. The mail is a wonderful thing, and lets us get stuff to people and lets people get stuff to us... Yes indeed, the mail is a wonderful thing


Oh and since you're dying to know, Cute Boy is a Catholic. My mother is ecstatic.

She just wishes he had blue eyes. You win some, lose some.

Oh, but my father will be thrilled that he is not short and stocky. I always date short and stocky men with square heads. Cute Boy is taller than me (hurrahh!!) and slim and does not have a block head.

Why am I obsessing over what my parents think after three dates? I may never hear from the boy again.

Yet another reason to hate dating.

Copernicus is more and more crazy every day and I can't wait until she grows up and STOPS BEING CRAZY.



That means:
-No red tinged water for a week
- No crazy neighbors making noise
- Getting to see my new neice and my FIVE year old nephew for a week
- Drinking lots of beer and other good booze
-Peace, love, and Harmony (More like Hysteria, Many Animals, Children on moving vehicles in the kitchen, and Feuding over the TV, but in a peaceful, loving, harmonious manner)
- I'm skipping classes and work for this period of time.

Really, I couldn't be happier.

Taaa for now!

Walking on Sunshine????



Ok, so first our Friday date. I got off work at two and showered and tried to keep my hair from frizzing. I called him from the payphone down the street at about four thirty. He didn't call back and didn't call back. At around six I decided that I would NOT spend my night crying hysterically when he didn't call. I refused to cry over this schmoe who didn't call or show up.

(As a side note, if you really want to know, the reason that I'm so positive that I will get stood up? It's because I think I've been stood up more times than I've actually gone on real dates. Honestly. I have good reasons for my bitterness, dammit!~)

Well, at 6:01, HE CALLED!!!! I was so ecstatic. We made plans, I went to his house and then we went out.

And we had FUN!! We went to a pool hall, then we went to a comedy club, then we went to another bar where we met up with one of his friends. It was just.... fun. And good and nice.

Worked the shift from Hell the next day... I hate my job. I've come to the realization that I am bitter and angry and that I hate my job passionately. As in, so passionately that it gives me hives just thinking about it..... (For those of you who are curious, the hives are back. This time I think it's from being hysterical over everything that happens to me, but that's for another entry)

But, I got through the shift knowing that I had a date with Cute Boy again that night, and it was for a Halloween party and we were dressing up... I was oh-so-excited.

So I went home, dressed up.... I was a gangster, inspired by a movie that Cute Boy and I watched together last weekend. But, I was concerned that as a gangster, I'd be sort of dressing as a man on a date with a Cute Boy. Not Cool.

So the friend that I went shopping with decided that I could be a gangster, but only with major cleavage.

Those of you who know my actual bra size can STOP laughing now, thanks.

So we found a bustier that would go around my abnormally large rip cage (Remember the rib fat, people) but it would not go over my abnormally small boobs. Sigh.

BUT it was the perfect bustier. We decided that with my most padded push up bra on, the cup sizes would fit. Getting into it required help from my neighbors and quite a few prayers.... some saftely pinning, lots of yanking and pulling and quite a bit of sucking it in and standing up straight to get the damn comtraption on.

And it worked! I had cleavage... briefly. It seems that no matter what, you can't make cleavage where boobs don't first exist. But, my neoghbor and a friend and I had spent so much time trying to create the illusion of a chest on me that I was running out of makeup time and he called while we were putting this apparatus together.

(Yes boys, these are the things women do to get ready for dates with you. Remember that the next time you stand a lady up, will you?)

We went to one Halloween party, then a bar, then another party, and I have to say.... there are really no details worth boring you with on a website... but it was again intensely fun. We chatted and drank and just generally had a good time. If I had a digi cam I'd share pictures because we both looked so great. But I brought with me one of those disposable cameras so at least I have some good photos of me in costume beside a cute boy......

Sigh..... It was just... good.

Oh, and I have another date next Friday.... Teeehheeeheeheee!!! Im giddy already.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

As if!!

Ok, get this.

You know how I have a date this weekend?

Well, last night on my way to dinner with Bylak, he called me (date guy, that is). From work. Which I figure is never a good sign. I figured he was calling to cancel our date for the regular reasons... he has to wash his hair, or feed his cat, or he found someone with better skin/ who is funnier/ who is less insane to go on a date with instead. All of these thoughts ran through my head as soon as I heard his voice on the phone.

But NO! He was calling not only to confirm our date on Friday and say hello, but to ask me on another date for Saturday night!!! And to ask me to call him, you know, whenever I get a chance just to chat or whatever.

That's tricky though. He works nights and my parents pay my cell phone bill... so I can't really call people during the day.... I hope he doesn't think I'm avoiding him.

Here's another tricky thing: The Saturday date is a costume part for Halloween. What the hell should I dress up as? I was thinking either a farmer or a cowboy (Man, I've done both those costumes to death in the country, but this is the city and no one has ever seen me dressed up before).

It has to be somehting that I can still wear my regular going-out makeup and hair as well because I refuse to A) do further damage to my skin with Halloween makeup [brekout from hell going on right now. I look like a creature from the Blue Lagoon] and B) I still need to look good cuz this guy is cuuuuuute!!!


The med free me is ok for now. I'm fine. I'm gonna give it a good try, from now till Christmas. And either way, I'll be fine, so why worry about it?


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I just love this blog so much I can't stop blogging!!

When will the rain GO AWAY!?!?!? It's been raining for what seems like weeks now and I'm sick of it.

GOD BLESS SINUS PILLS. Really. You have no idea what relief feels like until you haven't felt it for years.

My kitten is insane. She attacks everything, all the time attacking. It's crazy.

I love my mittens. They are so blue and warm, yet not at all practical for snowball fighting.

I DO NOT want it to snow any time soon.

What do you think red-tinged water is a sign of? Like when the water comes out of the tap, it's red.... Do you think it will kill me? No wonder city people never show up on time... their brains have been calcified by the rusty city water they drink all the time..... I think I'm a little more understanding now.

No, wait... I'm not. I still hate late people.

Ok, I swear, I'm not blogging any more tonight. Really.

Oh, and TOMORROW is THURSDAY!?!?!?!?

Know what that means?


Know what else???

One day closer to my DATE!!! AAAIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Ok, I'll stop.

Comments! Let there be Comments!!

Hooray! My main reason for coming to htis blog was so that my friends and readers can leave me comments.

So leave me a comment, Dammit!!!

Much love,


Today's entry....

(Since i just moved to to blogspot from myspace, I thought I'd post a couple of old posts to get the ball rollings. This is from October 26, at one p.m)

Something Worked!!!

So after an incredibly horrendous day yesterday complete with fever, chills, and technology horrors, something went right!

Today I ran home after my Scientific Analysis class and tried to print something and my Printer PRINTED!!!!

(That's because my friend came over last night in the pouring rain to fix it for me. You know who you are and you know I'm eternally grateful!!!! Thanks SOOOOOOOO much!!)

SO anyhow, now I'm a happy camper.

But I'm still sick. Which is nice for some people because when they get cold, they can just warm themselves from the heat radiating off my body. And when my mittens get wet, they dry fast too!

See, for the last few years I've been taking my crazy meds, and so when I get sick, I can't take any cold and sinus medication because interactions could cause some bad things to happen. So when I get sick Ijust have to suffer. Welll now that I'm off my meds, I am so drugged up on sinus pills that I feel like a million bucks. This is the best cold I've had in years!!!

I'm not sure if I can keep up with this no meds thing. I asked my mom last night if she thought it was all in my head and she said that of course it's all in my head, there is a physiological problem with my brain that causes it to not function properly and that's why I was prescribed medication for it in the first place.

Which is all very well and good but I really don't think that I can accept that I will be like this for the rest of my life. I've been hysterical these last couple days... maybe even weeks. I feel like I'm going to throw up all the time, I'm worrying about ridiculous things that will never happen, and I'm bursting into tears over the smallest things. And what's really scary is that I know this is just the beginning. Can I take it? I guess the real question is, do I want to? It's tricky to figure out what I want. It makes concentrating hard as well.

Hey guess what?

Chicken butt?

No, but really, guess what?

I have a Date on Friday and I can't wait!!!!


Here you go Jummy!!!

Woo-Hooo!! A new blog, that you can put comments on!!!

Aren't you happy now???


And now that I have a new blog, I have absolutely nothing to sayabout anything! This is a first...

Off to play with the new things that htis new blog place has! Fun Fun!