Friday, January 14, 2011

Month One: A Success

I am six days away from making the first month of my six month dating hiatus.

An odd day to post about it, for sure, but hey, its Friday and I don't have a date.

The dating hiatus was orininally mentioned to me sometime at the end of November. I did not commit to it because, at that time, an individual was talking to me.

I knew he wanted to go on a date with me and, as such, I could not commit to a dating hiatus. What if he wanted to take me somewhere that they served delightful food? How can I turn down free food? (I'm a sucker for free food.)

So, I prepared for my date and my mother and my best friend thought that going on this date was a bad idea. (So did I, but anyhow).

Preparations for the date included showering, combing my wet hair, wearing one of my brother's old Guinness T-shirts, brushing my teeth, and applying deodorant. I was twenty minutes late and I didn't smile when I got to his house.

I left his house (In the suburbs. *Shudder*) after about an hour.

The whole way home I thought to myself: Dating Hiatus. I need a dating hiatus.

That was the twenty first of December.

It is now mid way through January and I feel delightfully free. I've been playing guitar, riding horses, reading mindless novels and NOT worrying about who to call when or if someone is going to call.

Who would have thought I would ever feel so free?

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