Monday, February 21, 2011

And Then I Flushed Thousands of Dollars Down The Drain...

In November, I wrote about my car and it's woes. I hate my car, not only because it is awful, but also because it regularly costs me thousands of dollars to keep it in such a condition that I can get to work every day.

As of Saturday, I have put about eleven hundred dollars in repairs into this car, not including what the cost the repair will be once the shop looks at it. This only includes the past three months because there have been boatloads of other repairs over the course of last winter, spring, and summer.

I'm not sure if you've ever invested over a grand in the course of three months into something you hate, but it tends to make a person kind of bitter. You know, in case you were wondering.

My financial situation is pathetic at best and atrocious at worst. Considering the math I did earlier this evening, I am beginning to see why I am so sadly, pathetically broke.

As in, I have no cash. As in, my mother had to buy my shampoo and body wash last weekend because I needed to take a shower but I am too poor to buy the products with which to do so.

I'm kinda down in the dumps, you could say.

I thought that, after my last investment of money into this car's transmission, I would be able to drive worry free for at least another six months. I really don't think that six months' worth of functionality is too much to ask of a transmission.

My Saturn Vue had other plans.

The transmission gave out in heavy traffic in the city (I hate heavy traffic and I hate the city, in case you didn't already know this about me).

I can only praise the Lord that my good friend and neighbor was driving at the time (He knows how I feel about traffic and the city. He is specifically aware of how I feel about being in traffic and the city at the same time).

I am now poring over vehicles online and asking myself the heavy questions: Considering the length of my commute every day, should I go with a new car? Should I opt for the super fancy warranty? Should I try my hand at another used car? Would it be insane to invest in a four wheel drive with very, very sexy tires?

I've spent the weekend alternately laughing and crying over the situation. If you could picture two rednecks on the side of the road with an inordinate amount of beer in the back seat hitching a ride from a tow truck driver who goes whaling in his spare time, you might see the humor in the situation as well.

If you could see me driving to the bank to withdraw the two hundred and twenty dollars it cost to tow us back, you might see the tears. Especially because that sum of money had been earmarked to pay back the most recent repair on the vehicle.

I hate cars.



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So, any new car to tell us about?

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