Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And Then There Were Tears

My JEEP left my property the other day on the back of a flatbed truck.

I have spent the last two days bumming rides off of everyone I know, borrowing vehicles and hoping that I have enough in my bank account to fill them up upon return.

And I have to say that as I was walking home yesterday, pondering the amount I now spend on car payments in a month, that this situation really, really sucks. My trusty Cavalier never did this to me, not once.

And so today at five o'clock I called the garage, thinking that they would say "Yep, this was just your JEEP's aversive reaction to having had it's oil changed at Canadian tire. All we had to do was give it some new oil and top up the windshield washer fluid, and you're good to go".

And no, they didn't say that, nor did they let me in on how much this shin-dig will be costing me because they haven't even looked at the vehicle yet.

Oh, yes. You read that right. I'm looking at driving to work tomorrow in a truck that you can't rest your feet on the floor of because if you do that? Your feet will fall through the floor. Because that much of the floor is missing. So I'm looking at driving that beast to work and these people haven't even LOOKED at my vehicle? THEY DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT IT?!?!?

If I could type in really, really shrill, high pitched, shreiky tones right now?

Your monitor would crack. When I got that nifty little tidbit of information I was driving with the kids from work and I snapped my phone shut and screamed at it with such force that none of them made a peep for the next fifteen minutes.

I'm going to bed and if my car is not fixed by five tomorrow, I assure you that hives will ensue.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Slowing It Down...

As I wrote last, I am in the process of starting to look for new work. I say 'in the process' because I am really trying hard to make my resume the best it can be. I've gone to an employment agency to help make it look a bit nicer, and I'm currently working with the manager at my work to vamp up the things that I've done in that job.

The only thing on my mind here is to get more. I want to pay off the JEEP, soup it up, raise it up, and buy giant tires. I want to buy a truck, a really, really sexy truck. I want to start looking at places to live long-term, work with a financial advisor to see how long that might take.

I want to do more school, I want to take more courses, I want to have better qualifications. I want, I want, I want.

I feel like I'm running and running and running and I'm starting to wonder... What the hell for?

Of course I'm so glad that I have goals beyond putting on pants in the morning. I think that it is important to be driven to do more.

But I need to relax! I need to slow down and enjoy the journey a little more. I need to chill, look at the sunset, and admire the things going on around me.

While I have so many goals and so much to do, I also don't want to miss the life I'm currently living.

And I drove home tonight with some country music playing on the radio and Montgomery Gentry was serenading me from all six speakers in my JEEP, saying "So now I'm slowin' it down and I'm lookin' around and I'm lovin' this town and I'm doin' alright"

Yep. Slowin' it down. Lovin' this town.

Doin' alright.

I like it.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

June 16th?!

No, really. JUNE 16th?!?

That was the last time I wrote?

And my goal was to be in a horse show by July the 18th?

I have got to get up off my butt. Seriously.

Since I've last written, I've had a wicked-awesome birthday party and a two day hangover that was the result of said party. I participated in berry season, my horse and I got into a huge fight over the gate of my ring, and four wheeled my Jeep through a dirt bike path.

My tree named Hope has yet to be photographed, but I did manage to successfully grow grass around her. Dixie has lost her mind again and has started acting like she is about eight months old, and Zydeco no longer has shoes on all four feet (My pocket book is pretty happy about that decision, let me tell you.)

I have started the process of actively seeking new employment yet again. It seems that in my life the grass is always greener, and I would really like to work in that place where the grass is shiny, tall and free of weeds.

I have started trying my hand at being social by going out and talking to other human beings rather than staying in and petting my horse when the time is right. I may not be the best at appropriate social interaction but I think it is time I tried. I do fear the day that I wake up alone at age forty five with no one to send random text messages to.

And my next goal?

Write on my blog more than once a month.