Sunday, August 26, 2007

Caution: Horses

I've been searching about The Ranch lately for a blanket for my horse, because soon enough, he is going to need a warm blanket for winter. So far my search has come up with six of them.

I found my blanket from my last horse, a beautiful green lamb's wool lined piece of work in near-perfect condition. I hung it up over the fence for it to be rained on before I attempt to wash it with a brush and soap. Five years of laying about on a farm can make a blnaket kind of icky, and I like nature to be able to take care of as much ick as it can.

Tonight I went out to measure my horse and see if the blanket would fit. It turns out that Zydo is a GIANT FRICKIN' HORSE, because his blanket size is eighty six. My last horse was nowhere near that big, and so the beautiful blanket I found will be of no use to him at all. He might as well wear it as a hat.

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