Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Day On The Job...

I started my job today and everything went pretty much exactly like I expected it to, only the kids were better behaved than in the first day I imagined.

I have a wide range of feelings regarding finally working in some sort of social service. I've always sort of wanted to work with troubled youth, and now I have the chance to.

Someone warned me before I started that this would be a tough job to leave at work, and already I'm seeing what she meant. Today I mostly went through the handbooks and read through the policies. Then I got to make lunch with the kids and that went smoothly. But then I had to read their histories and files, and that part really got me down.

I just think that this world is so unfair: Why is one child born into a far from perfect, troubled family, and another is born into the perfect one?

Now that I'm working in this environment, I know that I'll have to take careful care of myself from now on. The sad fact is that I can't change the world, as much as I want to believe that my superpowers can.

On a more positive note, I have indoor shoes for working there that I absolutely adore. They are ever so comfortable and if you really think about it? They are for indoors only so my socks will be saved from being put into grimy running shoes!

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Well for a first day it sounds like it went alright.

Good luck with the new job, and I hope that as you help these kids, you also find you help yourself.

11:48 a.m.  

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