Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gainful Employment...

I had a job interview today. It was sort of short notice but I dropped off my Resume on Thursday and he called that evening to have me come in today. Seeing as how I'm unemployed and all, thinking up something to do with my time has required a little creativity. Its nice to just do what someone else has in mind from time to time.

On the way there, I was a wreck. I've never done a proper job interview before: Everything else has been in customer service (Read: One of those jobs that makes you want to eat your own eyeballs for lunch. But only if they're well coated in the secret sauce).


I'll be working in a group home for youth who haven't made it in foster homes. Some people I know are a little touchy on my working with teenage boys who are troubled, but I'm actually not concerned about it at all. I look forward to being in a fast paced environment, having to think on my feet, having to use some of the stuff I've been studying over the years.

I think one of the things I look forward to the most is it not being a regular workplace. Like, you don't go in and do the exact same thing the exact same way every single day. I won't deal with customers and until you've been dealing with customers since you were sixteen years old? You simply have no idea how thrilled I am to never have to wish some asshat a pleasant evening EVER AGAIN.

So, employed I am. The manager even told me that he was thrilled that I play guitar and that he would like to see me put that to use with the kids for one of their leisure evenings. Once I'm comfortable in the workplace I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Oh, happiness...
For anyone interested, it seems that Zydo's troubles are past. I rode him this evening and it was wonderful. His breathing is perfect and clear, his nose is not running, and he no longer has oddly shaped bumps running the length of his neck. Hurray for healthy horses!

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Congrats girl! Let me know how it goes! =)

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