Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Weight Loss Regime of 2007

When I moved home earlier this year, I did a lot of work around the farm. I gardened, I cleaned out parts of the barn, and hey! I started riding a horse.

I was excited when I started out because I thought that with all this activity, the pounds would simply melt off.

The bastardly pounds haven't gone anywhere.

With all the exercise, though, Zydo has managed to drop quite a few pounds. (He also had that pesky sickness and ensuing neck swelling that caused him to not eat for a day or two. I wish I could get a good case of that.)

I've been weighing myself regularly to see if and when a pound will disappear. I've switched from regular cola to diet. I've given up beer and other alcohol. So, I stepped on my trusty scale the other day, and with glee discovered that two pounds have dropped away from my body. Hurrah!

When I tacked up Zydo for a ride this week, I did notice that he needed a smaller girth. And now, he's moved up in holes on his new smaller girth.

My current estimate is that for every two pounds I have lost, that bastardly horse has lost a hundred.

Now, you can call me a jealous bitch. You can call me catty, you can call me petty. That's fine. But I've flown into jealous rage that my horse has such an easy time dropping pounds. (Even the vet called him fat the other day. At my insistence, she backpedalled and decided to call him well-fleshed.)

I've decided to exact my revenge and start him on a new diet. High protein, high carbs. A working horses' diet. I will put the pounds back on that horse if it is the last thing I do.

I will show that horse what its like to lose weight faster than me. Take THAT, you fast-metabolismed, handsome thing with the golden lockes of chestnut mane!

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