Monday, August 13, 2007

Steps Toward Financial Independence...

I went to the bank today to do something that has been weighing on my mind for about three years now. See, I have always had two accounts: When I was in high school, I put my college money away into an account that my debit card did not have access to.

Once I started school, obviously the savings money started to flow right out because hot damn, all those books and beers start adding right up. So, I've really had no use for two accounts.

The thing is that I've been paying an unGodly amount of fees for one of the accounts, and I've needed to close it for some time. I just can't deal with paperwork and people, so I haven't as of yet. So today, I marched right in and had them close the account. And yes, it was an ongoing, confusing, frustrating experience. Who knew that the words "CLOSE THIS ACCOUNT" would cause such a stir in the bank? (Yes. Dealing with the people at my bank is really this complicated. I once asked them to pay my tuition for me and I thought the entire workforce was going to have simultaneous brain anyeurisms. No joke.)

I also decided to move away from the credit card that my parents have co-signed on.
Well, they asked me on the form how long I've been with my current employer for. It stopped me in my tracks because there was no space to write 'It will be one day at four p.m. tomorrow'. There was only a space for years and months. I explained this to the lady behind the counter and she just sort of looked at me.

And now I'm thinking, if only I had applied for the damn thing at the end of my three years at the SubShack, I would have had a chance. As it stands now, I'm still at the mercy of my parents' signatures should I need to take out a loan on a new car. Or a house. Or Hell, maybe I'll decide to buy the New York Yankees next week and I might need their signature on that, too.

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Anonymous Jummy said...

Well good work on closing the account that was probably taking more money to keep open than you were putting in or making!

There's no rush as I see it towards having your own credit card--give the new job a try and soon enough you'll be given credit limits that make you rejoice--until you realize you don't actually have that amoung of money in the bank!

3:15 p.m.  

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