Monday, August 20, 2007


It has once again become cold here in Canada, and I'm currently warm and cozy in my jogging pants wondering what I will do come winter. One of the major problems I have with where I live is the temperature, and it really makes me say NO WONDER nobody lived in this country earlier. They hadn't invented Thinsulate yet, and how could anybody exist without it?

My horse is also chilly, and last night after I rode him into a frothy sweat, I had to blanket him while he cooled out. But, as per usual, I'm unprepared for the coldness, and I haven't yet bought Zydo a nice, warm blanky. So he had to wear one of Tia's blankets.

And you know when you're in the seventh grade and you go through that growth spurt? And you haven't really gotten any new pants in a while, and everyone can see your ankles when you walk around? And not only that, but they can see your shins when you sit down? And your wrists stick out of your coat, and everything just looks awkard?

Yeah. Poor Zydo. Clearly he needs an owner with more means to support his blanet requirements.

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