Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poor Little Car...

I had to drive the Vue to work today because the Little Chevy is in the shop. As you know, it has been parked for nearly two years before I began driving it last month. So, I was expecting it to implode the minute I first turned the key in the ignition.

After a new battery was generously donated to my cause by a neighbor, she ran! She flew! She drove! Go, Little Chevy, Go!

The night before my first day, I decided to fill her up with gas, because she looked thirsty and I was feeling generous.

The day I got in her for my first shift, she was missing a quarter tank of gas.

Now, I'm no genius. But I somehow doubt that Coperni-Kitty decided to go for a spin in the middle of the night and pick herself up some Tim's.

I'm sure you're all aware of the environmentalist that I am, what with all the the round-upping and the beef-eating and the milk-drinking and the electircity using that goes on around here. Of course, my first concern was that FIFTEEN of my dollars have just POURED INTO THE GROUND WHERE I PARK.

And now I'm thinking, if I were to go out with a hose and somehow manage to syphon a few drops of this precious gasoline into some kind of vessel, would it be good to put back into the tank of my Little Chevy?



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