Monday, August 13, 2007

Over Fences We Go...

I rode Zydo over fences for the first time today and I have to say, MY GOD, that is a whole lot of horse I've got. I mean, he was big when I got him, of course, but I didn't take him over any fences the first time I rode him, THANK THE LORD.

He is very keen to get up and GO, which I take as a good sign that he is over his sickness. The only thing that needs to be improved on now is his rider. Sadly, this will take a bit of time.

I can't get over how well I'm doing from a mental point of view, however. He is a big and intimidating animal and every day before I go out to ride, I have a little talk with myself. I say "This is the day that he could send you flying through the air to land on your face in the dirt." Then I finish my Coke and head out to tack up. Because there is nothing better, from a horse's point of view, than having a hundred and fifty pounds of over-caffeinated rider on your back.

The thing about this horse is that I trust him entirely. At this point, if I come off him, it will be entirely on my shoulders and I've accepted that. I had one minor fit of anxiety today when he got away from me at the canter. When I tried to pull him up, he decided to toss his head hither an yon. Now, I'm not sure how much experience you have being on a giant horse who is charging away from you while swinging his head around, but is is a nerve-wracking thing to experience.

I suppose at that point my mother knew I was a little rattled, because she asked if I was finished. And I thought, no, I better go over a few more times to calm my nerves or I'll have anxiety for the rest of the night.

And I did, and it was glorious, and really? Today was the day that Zydo took me flying through the air, only he did it with me and not against me.

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