Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The lovely Berry Queen is delivering her kittens tomorrow morning. I had to give her directions to my house in the Big City.

Vive Le Quebec.

The first hting I have to say is that my street has a ridiculous name. And saying it on the phone to someone with a plethora of children (and, as it happens, kittens) in the room is quit tiring.

I also don't actually live on a street.

I live on a Rue.

Vive Le Quebec.

Furthermore, I don't actually know how to get to my house from BerryLand. So, I gave her the wrong directions to get here.

Fortunately, I called my mom to confirm the directions and found out that they were wrong.

I called the Berry Queen and told her my mistake. She was aghast that someone would send a woman with a car filled with kittens and a newborn baby on a wild goose chase around a city with ridiculous street names that are not actually streets: They are Rues.

Vive Le Quebec. Encore.

So, it turns out that the Berry Queen will not be heading Sud on the main street in our fine city, she will be heading Nord, before she turns on to the Rue that will lead her to her very own Berry Princess.

You'd think that being born in this country and having survived its public school system would make for me having fewer issues with the whole language barrier thing.

Apparently not.

At any rate, Kittens! Here! Tomorrow!

Pictures to come!



Anonymous Jummy said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!

And um, you don't live on the Qu├ębec side so why OH WHY are they named rues? Bah!

5:19 p.m.  

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