Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blaze orange suits me well...

My first deer season is off with a ... well, not a bang, exactly. It would have been off with a bang had the owner of my shotgun not left for Afghanistan with the key for the trigger lock in his pocket.

The weather for deer hunting is generally pretty chilly. I'm the type of person whose summer wardrobe doesn't really differ from her winter wardrobe; as a result, I've been kind of stressed about the chill factor. Fortunately, Davey came over to save my butt once again with an entire sack of nice, warm clothes for deer hunting that belonged to his late father. If anything, I'm sure that Mr. B would be thrilled to know that a new generation of hunters is making good use of his clothing.

I offered up the hooves of my first deer to my co-workers while leaving the SubShack on Friday. I thought it would be nice to see if any of them wanted to make a decorative ashtray out of them. Oddly , no one took me up on it, but my Grandma asked if she could have the tail for a lucky deer's tail. Then she confided that she would much rather see me take a picture of the deer with the camera my Grandad's money bought. However, SuperNan and I are going hunting together so we thought that perhaps one of us could photgraph the deer and the other could shoot it.

In all honesty, I'm not sure how I feel about killing something. I really don't want to. But at the same time, I want to be a marksman. I want a rack of antlers to hang on my wall. I want the other guys to look at me and think: "Hey, that little girl can shoot."

Field dressing is another issue, but I think I'll be fine with that. I love watching my father and brothers clean ducks and geese. It's like a lesson in biology, really, and when I was given the opportunity to dissect a pig in biology class in high school, I thought it was great. The fact that each of us has all these little things within us, working separately and together to keep us going, is wildly fascinating to me and I love checking out all the parts.

In all, I think deer season should be nice. If nothing else, I hope to get some great sunrise shots with my new digicam.

SuperNan and I took a sip from Big Brother's lucky shotglass as well. This is one of the few times he won't be here for deer season. Big Brother, we're thinking of you and all our soldiers, here at The Ranch and we love you.



Anonymous Jummy said...

I hope you'll share.

I don't think I'd like to kill the deer but I sure like to eat 'em! Long live meat.

And yes: be well, Big Brother! Maybe he should start a blog?

11:05 a.m.  

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