Friday, November 03, 2006

The Quest for Kittens continues....

Dear Berry Queen,

I realize that you have living with you a trampy, harlot teenage cat mother. We are all much surprised that she has managed to see her litter of babies to kittenhood. I suppose that you, of all people, are the most surprised to be living in a house with five Berry Babies and four Berry Kittens.

You have bestowed on me the task of ridding you of your kittens in the best way possible: Appealing to the hearts of college students who can barely afford their beer nights, let alone a mouth to feed. Let alone the costs of raising a kitten to adulthood. Let alone the cost of keeping their furniture intact, and their house free of generations of Berry Kittens to come.

I have come through. You have four kittens. I have appealed to the hearts of four of my friends.

Now, my dearest Berry Queen, comes the time for you to fulfill your part of the deal. You must drive to the depths of the Big City and you must feed me. You must regail me with tales of what is happening in BerryLand. You must give me all the newest details in the development of your lovely children's lives. You must transport -- with you in your BerryVan -- these four creatures who are as sure to bring joy and sorrow to the hearts of their newfound owners as my Coperni-Kitty has brought to me.

Are you in, Berry Queen? Can you handle it?

Time will tell.




Anonymous Jummy said...

And did she uphold her end of the bargain? That's fabulous that you found four (good) homes for the kitties! I wonder if I'll ever get a pet once I move out on my own!

11:08 a.m.  

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