Monday, November 06, 2006

Deer season continues....

So, while I get to head back to the big city, deer season continues. My whole family will be out in the bush, tracking deer, and I'll be sitting in Anthropology and then heading over to the SubShack.

I'd love to come to my blog tonight and tell you about the great eight point buck that came through the clearing in the woods. How I saw him and ever so silently, ever so carefully, turned off the safety and raised the gun to my shoulder. How he looked directly and for one millisecond, there was perfect silence in the universe. How he looked at me and bang, with one clean shot-- one perfect, clean, beautifully placed shot-- he fell to the ground. How I was heroically recieved back at the vehicles for my wonderful skills and hunting prowess. I'd love to tell the tale about how the taxidermist was so impressed with me that he offered to mount the rack for free, but I'd have to pay for a full head mount. I'd love to tell you about the praise and wonderment in my father's eyes when he looked unto his daughter, the Great White Hunter.

But that would be bragging.

And lying. So I won't tell that story.

The real story is that I never even saw a single deer excepting the one that I helped Big Brother haul out of the bush. SuperNan and I had a great time sitting in the early morn, and a wonderful time stalking deer through the bush. I never got to fire a single shot from Big Brother's shotgun; although, I was tempted to shoot the squirrel that was harping at me and, in all likelihood, was scaring away all the deer with his endless chatter.

I decided against shooting him because his head wouldn't be nearly as impressive mounted on a wall.


At any rate, a grand time was had by all. I'm really looking forward to next deer season when both Big Brothers will be here and hopefully our gang will be a little bigger.

Until then, the SubShack it is.



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