Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Here it is! Your first post for the month of November. We'll have to see how well my stamina keeps up.

Let's recount the events of my Halloween, shall we?

Eight p.m: Called Aunt to have a sleepover

Nine p.m: Arrived at Aunt's house

Ten p.m: Watch SVU! Hurrah!

Eleven p.m: Went to bed my in cousin's brand new bed that is not a undred and five years old. It was bound to be a good night.

Twelve a.m: the phone started ringing.

One a.m: Slumber feels near

Tw0 a.m: Phone starts ringing again

Three a.m: Slumber feels near

Three Thirty a.m: Cousin comes in from work

Four a.m: Slumber feels near

Four Thirty a.m: Other cousin comes in

Four Thirty-Two a.m: The smell of booze wafts into the room as she stumbles by the bedroom door.

Can you see where this is going? I decided to join my aunt for five-thirty a.m. tea until she so generously dropped me off at my class.

In a stumbly-feeling fog, I managed to make it through class and a couple bonus hours I scored at the SubShack.

I plan to be in bed at six p.m this evening.



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