Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blog Challenges are great....

Not only am I in the NaBloPoMo challenge, I have my bi-weekly NOTI challenge to keep up with. This week's challenge is to list two famous people you would want to befriend and why.

So, first off, Toby Keith. Because I love him. And I want to marry him. And I find him sexy in an incredibly odd kind of way. And I really do think that Toby should have been a cowboy, and that his sidekick with a funny name could have been me. We could have been runnin' wild through the hills chasin' Jesse James. We could have ended up on the brink of danger, ridin' shot gun for the Texas Ranger....

But seriously, I think Toby and I could sit and chat over beers. I think we could make up lyrics together, and talk about regular things because although he's a bit of a jackass, he's also just a regular type of guy. Red Blooded American and all that.

But really? The reason I would befriend Toby Kieth? I would simply use him.

I've always said that the first thing I would do if I ever got famous would be to go overseas and sing for the troops. I would love to be on stage in front of a thousand men in uniform. I would love to let these guys forget that they are a million miles from their wives, babies, and children; their mothers fathers, sisters and brothers; their dogs, cats, hamsters, and goldfish; their houses and their cars and their hobbies. They are a million miles from everything that they love and everyone who loves them. And I would love nothing more than to perhaps make all those things disappear for a few minutes and sing my heart out on a stage in front of them.

And Toby loves to sing for our troops.

Next on the list? I have to say it's a tie for Merle and Willie. Because Lord only knows that I have a newfound love for old school Honky Tonk and I would love to sit down with them and belt out a rendition of Pancho and Lefty or Branded Man. I would love to crack open a few beers and play into the dawn. I'd love to sit and watch them play the solo out of the original Pancho and Lefty. I'd love to swap guitars and see how they like my Gibby, and feel what it's like to hold the instruments of two musical geniuses in my arms.

And in an ideal world? All three of us: Willie, Toby, and Merle would go on tour. I'd open for them, and then they would get out and have a rockin' good time on stage. I really can't imagine a better concert than that. And at the end of the night, we'd get in our tour bus, sleep the wee hours away, smoke some cigarettes and stare out the windows of the bus at the scenery that passes us by, and we'd think: Day-um. This is what it's all about. Singing your heart out. Living your dreams. Making music history. And drinkin' a few cold beers.

And we'd think, Dude. Life is good.



Anonymous bigman78 said...

I don't think you'd like Merle and Willie so much because they smoke... but not so much the cigarettes. :D

12:45 p.m.  

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