Thursday, November 02, 2006

The utility of a cat....

My brother hates cats. He says they are useless, they really serve no purpose, and they aggravate him.

I, as you know, own a cat.

Unfortunately, I tend to agree with him. My cat really serves me no purpose. She is an expense. She is aggravating. She doesn't hunt anything.

But that's not to say she doesn't serve a purpose.

The first year of her life was a wonderful year in blogging simply because she caused me so much strife. I blogged about her extensively because she was insane She cribbed (Those of you in the horsing world understand what this means). She howled. She kept me up at night. She got sick.

Because I'm so cool, I even left a few parties last year to stay home and crochet her some toys. She still plays with them and the joy I feel in my heart when I see her playing with the toy I made her.

She carries it about the house like a Blankie

She brings it to her favorite chair...

She acts like she's the Queen of her Throne

And so, you see, there is some use in having a cat. If nothing else, seeing her play with the toy that I made her brings joy to my heart.

Having something to chase my feet at night is cool.

And having someone to post on my blog about: Come one now. That's priceless.



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