Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taking steps to secure my future....

So, Operation Secure The Toonse Brigade's Future is shaping up. So far it's just a plan, but I'm slowly working on putting it into action. As those who know me and love me best know, so many of my plans get blown up in my face and end tumultuously with my return to the ranch to spend time in a drunken stupor on the living room floor. Since SuperNan hates her children being in drunken stupors -- and hates drunken children on the living room floor even more -- here's hoping now that this plan as well doesn't blow up in my face.

I did well today with my new eating plan. I also spent some time this evening working with a skipping rope to try and burn off some excess calories. If we can wrangle down a car on Friday, SuperNan is going to take me shopping so I can buy a few small free weights to help me build up some arm and upper body strength. So at this point, I'm feeling kind of optimistic.

In the meantime, Coperni-Kitty is terrorizing the appartment with toilet paper. It seems to be one of her favorite habits of late to go to the bathroom, retrieve the toilet paper, and then see that it gets strewn about the house.

This phenomenon is not new, as last time Coperni-Kitty and I were home, Big Brother exhibited his displeasure when she covered the second storey of the ranch house with toilet paper as well. Of course, this could be avoided altogether by my assuring that all toilet paper is secured properly on its little roll-y thing. However, if I were to do that, what would my precious kitty do in her spare time?

Other than nap on a chair that is covered in my clothing, what is an apartment kitty supposed to do all day?

Isn't she cute?