Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A new day, A New Goal

Some recent thoughts have led to my realization that I need a new goal. I've been thinking lately of my student loans and how much they are weighing on my mind: I'll never get to my goal of being the Queen of My Own Throne if I can't get these loans paid off forthwith.

Step One is to make some major changes in my lifestyle. Not so much my entire lifestyle, perhaps, but definitely in my eating habits. I've gained a ton of weight through this whole "Pursuing my Dreams in the Big City" thing.

So, this is it for me. Starting tomorrow, I lose weight. Not the next day, not the day after. No more waiting until I move home, no more waiting until the next Berry Season. Now. It starts now.

SlimFast, here I come. I know it works, I know it's the best diet for me. I just need to stop eating during my shifts at the SubShack and take control of these habits that have evolved: sitting at night munching on whatever I can find, impulse-buying pounds of junk food at a time, and chowing down on SubShack cookies. Oh, and my drunken Shawarma habit. That has to go too.

The only concern that's left is: Exactly how many calories are in three Tall Boys of Canadian? Because that is definitely going to be one of the hardest habits to give up. I love beer. This love affair Beer and I are having is a relatively new one, and I'm not sure it's one I can or even want to give up.

Which means that for every day I drink beer, on that day I'll have to ingest that much less food.

Bring on the empty-stomach buzzes!!

My goal for now is anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds by Christmas.

Pray for me, Dear Blog. I need your support and strength right now. Because these pounds have got to go.



Anonymous Jummy said...

See when you make goals, they listen. And stick.

I can just tell that's the case from your entry!

Why don't my goals listen like that?

8:52 p.m.  

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