Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home sweet home!!

So, moving day has come and gone. Let me tell you, moving sucks.

I think we had about four pickup loads while my roomie's parents were here, along with three trips in my mom's SUV. Then, Big Brother and Bigman had to make a trip out from the ranch with my bed, and to pick up some of my bigger furniture items.

The afternoon brought the opportunity to go to Ikea to pick up some household necessities, like glasses, a toilet bowl scrubber, a set of mixing bowls, and that sort of thing.

I am now the proud owner of my very own Ikea bookshelf. Let me tell you that the idea of buying cheap furniture and assembling it yourself is a very, very stupid one. I was exhausted, tired, my muscles achey, and my mood not so sunshine-y when it came time for me to assemble the damn bookshelf.

The pictures? Stupid! That little guy with the smiley face on, happily assembling the shelf? I would love nothing more than to wipe that happy grin off his face with the back of my hand. The instructions? I ended up skipping three steps and eventually I just started hammering the damn thing together. And that stupid little guy with the happy little grin on his face just kept grinning. I could have killed him.

Now, the thing that gets me is not how much anger and rage a single piece of furniture can cause in my life. It's the fact that I have such anger towards the little picture guy. I mean, I could have strangled him. I wanted to hit the little bastard. I was feeling a level of animosity towards a cartoon picture in an Ikea manual that is usually reserved for the assholes who demand their mayo on the other side of their meat, or who demand that I change my gloves between serving them and someone else. Cuz, you know, that will like, totally make me a better vegetarian, Dude.

Anyhow, the shelf is assembled. It took some hammering, some swearing, and some desperate searching for cigarettes because I figured that there had to be one around here somewhere, but there wasn't and I can totally handle this amount of pressure. Totally.

Like it's my job.

Copernicus is happy as a lamb. I'm watching her as we speak, curled up on my bed, purring happily, dreaming sweetly of whatever it is that cats dream about. I'm so happy to have her back with me.

I have never been better. I love the new place. It is bright and sunshiney and wonderful. I'm trying to convince the Berry Queen and SuperNan to come in and have a viewing on Thursday. My dearest best friend is coming in on Friday. I have space in which to put people! I have a couch (Thanks to My roommate's parents! Thank you!!) that company can sit on! I have a bathroom that's not scary!!

Life is worth living.



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