Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Changes, Changes....

I'm currently in the process of adjusting to all the new changes that come with living in my new house.

Living in a new place is terribly wierd. It's strange. Like, I leave the Sub Shack at the end of the day, and I turn the wrong way to get to my new home. The key to my house is blue, instead of gold. My Property manager pretends to be concerned when something is wrong. The water is clear, not orange. The temperature of that water is adjustable, not one hundred percent one way or the other.

The place is huge. I was thinking today of jogging laps around the living room to get some exercise. We've lived here for going on three days now and neither of us has had to call the police on our crazy neighbors even once. There are so many changes to adjust to.

I've successfully quit smoking again. My last cigarette was Sunday night, and now it's Wednesday night. Hopefully we don't have any more slipups like we did last week. I simply can not believe how quickly the balance in my bank account went down while I was buying cigarettes. Wowza.

The new place has an odd phenomenon about it.

As I have mentioned in the past, an Incredibly Beautiful Man lived in our apartment before us. We have toured about the apartment building a number of times. On each of our travels, we have come into contact with a number of other Incredibly Beautiful Men. They are everywhere. It's odd. My last house was full of toothless, elderly drug addicts. This place is full to the brim of fit, attractive, well groomed, perfectly tanned, Beautiful Men. I'm not sure why this is happening to me, but I like it.

I have yet to prepare a dish in the kitchen (Mostly because I have had about two dollars in my bank account over the last few days. Sigh.) But, there is counter space! A full sized fridge! Cupboard space! And a sink that is big enough to wash all your dishes at once in!! And, get this! Enough counter space to actually place your dishes so we can dry them!!


So, indeed, there are changes to get used to.

In all though, I think I can hack it.



Anonymous Jummy said...

I can't wait to visit! :)

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