Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No News and Good News...

When I got home last night I cried openly over my lack of awareness over my insurance situation. I had no idea at that time if I had collision insurance, coverage for a rental car, coverage for the fence that my Jeep busted up.

(Fortunately the fence belongs to a family friend, who came out to see if I was ok, and said that he wasn't worried about it. He said his concern was more for myself and my vehicle. I love that there are good people in the world).

Speaking of good people, I don't know the name of a single one of the people who stopped to help me. About ten cars in total stopped, and about fifteen people ran to my aid. Ten of them stayed to ensure that I was ok, and about five people waited with me until the police arrived. I have no idea who they are or why they did such a nice thing for me, but it was nice to have them with me at a time when I needed people the most.

My insurance premiums will be going up despite the fact that the police determined that the accident was not my fault. I suppose this is the least of my worries right now.

In a stroke of genius, my mother convinced me this spring to have the Jeep fully covered by insurance. This also means that I have a rental car until the Jeep is either fixed or I buy a new car. I never had this insurance on my Little Chevy and I am so, so relieved right now that I have this coverage that I will not ever go without it again.

The shop that my insurance wants the Jeep to be at is currently full of vehicles to appraise and fix, so it could be a few days until I know anything about my Jeep.

My body still hurts, my mind is still whirling. The enormity of what happened keeps on going through my head and I can't stop picturing the oncoming truck, myself in front of it, and the sight of my Jeep and all the debris from the accident in the ditch.

I did get back behind the wheel today, four times, once in my mom's car to pick up my rental and then I made three more trips in the rental car. I'm happy to say that I'm not having any anxiety while behind the wheel, so I suppose this falls under the good news category.

I wish I had some answers about the Jeep and my vehicular future but right now I'm so happy to have insurance for my rental and for the collision that I'm not focusing on anything else.



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