Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Online Dating...

I don't necessarily keep it a secret that I engage in online dating. I haven't actually gone on a date with someone I've met online in years. I look at it as a tool that may help me find the man of my dreams and if not? Well, I got the story of the guy who brought his knitting with him on our first (and only) date out of it. Oh, the mileage I got out of that story.

So today I happened to peruse this one individual, this guy who works in construction and fishes and hunts and then there's the best part: he rides barrels. OH MY WORD, a man who can ride a horse and wield a shotgun.

I just had to show his picture to my mother, and while she is looking at the picture of him on the horse, my father walks by and halts.

And I have possibly just found my next husband, the person of my dreams, my soulmate, everything that I am meant to be with and this is what my father has to say:

"Is he wearing a helmet? Is he wearing a helmet while he's racing barrels? It's bad enough he's in a girl's sport but if he's wearing a helmet to be in a girl's sport, you better not bring him back here!"

Seriously? Seriously?

It takes me months to decide that I don't like someone, and my father can decide such a thing with a glimpse of a single picture while he wasn't even wearing his glasses.

If only life was so easy for me.



Anonymous Jummy said...

This entry begs the question of how important Dad's opinion is! Something tells me he wouldn't hesitate to make his like/dislike of someone known...for that alone you must not pursue helmet-wearing guy!

2:07 p.m.  
Blogger Amanda said...

Dad's opinion is important if the guy is someone I wish to bring home for dinners and such. If it is just a dating situation, not so much important, but I'd really like someone who can itneract positively with my family!

1:44 a.m.  

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