Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updating the Ol' Blog

So, the time has come.

I've had the same info up on my blog since Joomy encouraged me to start writing it way, way back in October 2005. At that time I had just met the one I had dubbed Cute Boy, I was living in the depths of Hell, in a city I detested, with a kitten named Copernicus.

I figured that all of that information is completely outdated. Further, I have decided to take blogging on again in such a fashion that hopefully it becomes interesting to read once more.

My first task is to update my sidebars and perhaps give my blog a bit of a new look (From one of blogger's templates, lest you be concerned that I may take up the art of HTML.) My next blogging goal is to do a write-up of the significant players. Bear with me, old readers. I'm going to make a sidebar dedicated to The Players in my life so that newcomers can link to them and find out who they are.

After that, I need to re-evaluate exactly what it is that I'm writing about here. I sometimes read through some of my older posts and think, Damn, I used to be interesting! Lately my blog is boring and mundane and lacking in substance.

So, here we go!



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