Monday, December 07, 2009

All Shook Up

Less than a month ago, I wrote this post.

A few short weeks and one snowfall later, my Jeep spun out of control and rolled a disputed number of times before landing swiftly in a fence row.

I drove home in snow and ice this afternoon, driving rather slowly, holding up traffic on the highway that leads from the City to Cowtown. People were passing me left and right but dammit, I was driving slowly because it was icy.

Then I went over a small bridge, and began to fishtail for seemingly no reason at all. So I took my foot off the gas and brought it back under control, when it spun out the other way. I held on, made no jerky movements, and was considering downshifting to slow the vehicle without the brakes when we spun out again.

This brought me into the lane of oncoming traffic. There was a large cube van, or maybe it was a truck, but either way it was no Smart Car and I was not willing to take it on in my Jeep.

Time was limited and choices were slim: Spin into a donut in front of a large vehicle, with a lineup of vehicles behind me, or steer into the ditch.

I chose the ditch thinking I would drive in and stop. I was completely calm when I hit the shoulder and all of a sudden I was airborne and there was an awful lot of noise.

There was a Reba McEntire song on the radio, for those of you who were wondering.

I don't really know what happened because as I began flying through the air the only thing I could think to do was cover my face and head with my arms. The sound was deafening. There was crashing, banging, thumping, shattering glass, and loud crackling.

When the vehicle landed I was incredibly disoriented. I ripped on the emergency brake, stuck it in neutral, and began running out of the ditch.

I was then faced by a crowd of about fifteen people all yelling at me, so I turned around and ran back to the vehicle. I got my purse and began screaming incoherently at the older gentleman who first approached me. I couldn't get my purse open, so he held it for me while I got my phone.

I dialed the number under my own steam and the man asked if I was calling the police. I shrieked at him that of course I wasn't calling the police, I was CALLING MY MOM. I shrieked into the phone at my mother for a few minutes before she snapped at me to stop screaming and tell the people around me that I wasn't hurt.

Right. First things first.

A crew of roofers descended into the ditch to examine the damage while the original man went and called the police from his own phone.

The roofers all had fantastic things to say about my spill: They were arguing loudly over whether I had rolled twice or three times, if they should go and get some coffee, or if I would have continued rolling if not for the fence my vehicle was tangled in. They discussed the probability of the one foot in diametre fencepost my vehicle had broken in half causing how much damage. One of the roofers began saying "Fuck, yeah, she's completely written off, Man, that sucks so bad" while another gave me a lecture on driving a vehicle with such a short wheel base.

I commenced smoking and didn't stop until the very kind police officer arrived and began filling out paperwork.

Eventually the roofers left with many thanks from myself as I had asked them to stay 1. for company and 2. to assure the police that I hadn't been driving recklessly. My parents and the tow truck showed up and it took some cursing, praying, and heavy machinery to remove my Jeep from the fence. The fence was completely wrapped around the drive shaft. We then waited at the garage for an initial report from the mechanics.

It doesn't look good at this point in time.

I feel entirely disoriented and unfocussed. I haven't been able to sit still all night. My neck and back are killing me, my left shoulder hurts, and there appears to be a small bump on my head.

I don't really know what to say. There were six additional accidents on the same stretch of highway tonight. Thank God that I am ok, that I didn't take out anyone else on my way to the ditch.

I suppose tomorrow will be a day spent dealing with the insurance people: Is the Jeep written off? Do I have collision insurance? Do I have coverage to get a rental car while the Jeep is fixed or while I find a new car? Do I need to find a new car?

Questions are whirling in my pounding head, my neck is killing me, my thigh hurts to the touch where it crashed into the steering wheel, and I feel like a bit of an emotional wreck.

I do believe I will post some pictures of a cute puppy and a jealous beagle on Facebook before retiring for the evening.



Anonymous Kimberley said...

Yes thank God that you are okay.

7:27 p.m.  

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