Friday, October 30, 2009

And Then Boredom Struck

I've worked out on my excercise bike now twice.


I love walking in the country for a variety of reasons: I'm out in the open air, there are things to see, my mind can wander.

While I'm cycling in my living room while watching CMT, there isn't much to do.

I must, must, must keep this up as not walking for three weeks has packed on a whopping seven pounds and I just gave away all my fat pants.

But the boredom. Oh, the boredom.

On the job front, I am very excited. However, there is paperwork that needs to be completed before I can begin to apply to jobs. Essentially, I've been accepted to work for this company, and once my paperwork is through, I will be doing casual/part time work. This means that I will be working on top of my current job for a number of months.

Insane, yes. However, I have a host of newfound debts that need to be paid: Alfonso, who I'm typing on right now; my next school course, which is officially in the mail and on its way; my horse debts over the summer; and of course, my trusty JEEP.

(And I have to go on an aside right now and say that since April, I have paid off over HALF of Da JEEP! My goal was to have it paid off in a year and this means that I am bang on, so this is pretty exciting for me.)

So, I'll be doing more than double work for a few months. This casual job means that I will be able to apply for full time jobs within the company once I've got my employee number. Once I have full time work (Which I am well aware could take up to six months) I will continue with my current company part time.

WHY would I do this to myself?

Many reasons. Mostly, I'd like to own a house of my own at some point and be able to live luxuriously should I so choose. In order to do this, I need some fundage.

So those are the two most pertinent updates in my life right now. The Moose Hunter saga continues, and I have no idea what is going on, although I assure you that my copy of He's Just Not That Into You is at my bedside because I have grave fears that this may be the case. This makes me sad because not only does he own six or eight or however many pairs of cowboy boots and drive a spectacular car, he has TWENTY TWO INCH TIRES on that car.

I aspire to that sort of status, let me tell you.

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