Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Life of a Student While Living with One's Parents

I just finished my essay, that beastly creature that has been tormenting me for months now while I was busy staving it off to the back of my mind. My summer was full of interesting things and I promised myself that the first week of September, I would complete it.

Two weeks into October, I am almost there. I have yet to complete the exam portion of the course, but I figure that will be another sleepless night or two and then?


Until my next course arrives.

My last university experience was spent living either on my own or with the only roommate I ever had, and so my parents were not exposed to me in all my studious glory. They heard about it, I'm sure, and possibly wondered from time to time if the stories were true, but I doubt my study habits weighed on their minds very much at all.

They have now officially been exposed to the horror, to the frantic running around and shuffling of papers; to the wandering and muttering; to the coffee making and coffee drinking out of containers that qualify as soup bowls in most cultures. The not going to bed -- Oh, the sleepless glory! -- the lights being on all night and the exasperated heaving of sighs.

I did not expose them (this time) to the hideous and disgusting gumball habit I have. I figured I'd save them something to be horrified at during my next course.

My goal is to complete one more course before Christmas, two after, and another during the summer. I will repeat this process again in the fall of 2010 and then be applying to my Master's program of choice.

I love that I am actually working towards something of value right now. Although I longed for freedom from school during the five years I spent getting my degree and diploma, once I was free I felt really listless and without goals.

So now here I am, working towards my goals and feeling really, really good about it.

Unfortunately I am over caffeinated and sleep deprived so the joy is sort of overshadowed by that. I imagine in the morning I will be a little more chipper.

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