Thursday, October 15, 2009

Panic Mode

And here we are, in that mode I so often find myself in during the fall.

Upon re-reading my essay, it needs work. Lots of work. Plenty of work.

I have yet to do any of that work.

I have also not yet heard from my dream job. I'm now in that awkward state, that one I'm usually in after a date when I don't know if I've screwed something up in a huge, huge way. I have all the qualifications, I have the experience, I have everything they asked for in the job posting. I really still feel that I did a great job in the interview...

Honestly, sometimes it's like my entire life is one big chapter in He's just Not That Into You. I just keep on getting rejected from various things and think, this is ok! Sometimes things just aren't meant to be, and that's not a reflection on me!

And then it happens continuously and I start to feel really, really deflated.

I've got all my paperwork in order to go out for duck season but I have yet to get my sorry self up in the morning and actually go and shoot a duck. I'd love to bring one home, to say that I've done something successfully but the thought of getting up before sunrise and sitting in the damp when I've been working all week is sort of... Well, I do enjoy bonding with my bed. That's all.

I also recieved an invite to go deer hunting with a friend's husband this year, which is pretty exciting. I have no idea if I will go with that invite or with my family but having open options is always nice.

So I guess life is not all negative but the more pertinent things in life are definitely conflicting with my desire to watch YouTube music videos and sleep twenty hours a day.

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