Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Day for Coffee and Beer....

Today I got to spend the day with two of the kids from work, and they were so wonderfully behaved that I allowed them to come back to the farm to pet the horses. Zydo was a perfect gentleman, and didn't bite either one of their arms off, for which I am ever grateful. After that, I went back to the house and played my guitar while they played a modified game of baseball in the basement. All in all, it was a wonderful shift, one of those shifts that makes you want to keep your job rather than move into a cardboard box on the street and take your chances with the local bums.

While I was out and about today, I had a mad craving for a cup of coffee. I went to the Tim Horton's nearest to where I was, and because I AM PENNILESS, I was using the Tim's card that I receieved for Christmas. BUT THE TIMS CARD MACHINE WAS BROKEN.

I briefly contemplated ending my life, right there in Tim Horton's in front of all those innocent people, and I smiled at the lady behind the counter and told her that I understand, I'm a farmer and when you depend on machines for stuff, THEY BREAK AND FUCK YOUR SHIT UP.

And then, this elderly gentleman beside me said "Oh, you know, I knew those machines would ruin someone's day. I'll buy you a cup of coffee." And I was all flustered and horrified, because only homeless opiate addicts beg cups of coffee from random strangers. And I assure you, I am addicted to NOTHING (Excepting cigarettes and coffee and oversized sweatshirts washed with Gain) and I live with my PARENTS. Therefore, not homeless, not addicted to opiates. Read: I should not be begging cups of coffee from strangers.

Just then, the manager came out and the gentleman explained that he was buying my coffee because of the mix-up with the Tim's Card machines, and I was all like "No, I really don't need a coffee that badly, really, you're too kind..." And the gentleman said "Of course I'm buying you a coffee. It can be your Valentine's day present." And I was all like, "Oh, that's the only one I'm going to get today!"

BUT THEN, the manager was all like, No, I'M buying her a cup of coffee, dammit! And then the two proceeded to argue over who got to buy me a coffee, and the woman made me my triple triple, and I made a hasty exit with many thanks, and the twelve year old I work with was like "HEY! THAT GUY WAS HITTING ON YOU AND HE'S LIKE EIGHTY!!!" for all the world to hear.

And then? My shift ended and it was time to go home and I got home and not only was the Precious Boy here, but my mother had purchased me a case of Valentine's Beer!

And now my day is complete, and I know that random strangers still do have good in their hearts, and that my mother loves me most when I'm slightly inebriated.

Because that's when its easiest to get me to clean the kitchen.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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