Thursday, December 27, 2007

Riding In A Winter Wonderland....

Christmas was a grand affair this year, complete with a Christmas Day riding session that began with my horse greeting me happily in his stall and ended with me, once again, standing back and admiring the beauty that is my horse.

I haven't ridden in nearly two months, due to work and school and needing to take naps every day and that sort of thing. I've felt terribly guilty, and I've spent a fair portion of my time standing in Zydo's stall, apologizing to him for the neglect he faces each day. But Zydo is an incredibly understanding guy, and so when I mounted him for the first time, he didn't bat an eye, and instead did everything I asked him to do without question.

I rode him again on the 26th, and once more he was perfect for me. By the time I got off, I was drenched with sweat and he had hardly broken into a state of slight dampness.

I have to say once more here, that I love my horse and that there is nothing in this world that could come between us. And I have to ask, is is so wrong of me to spend my time standing in his stall, singing out loud the words the Bee Gees sang so well, telling him that he don't know what it's like... to love somebody... the way I love you...

And as I sang this morning, he licked my palm and nibbled on the collar of my plaid jacket, and as I scratched behind his ears and felt his velevty nose rub into my cheek, I thought once more that everything could perhaps be right in this world, no matter what. No matter what boys or life or sickness or health might bring my way, I have this horse who loves me and who, upon meeting a certain boy, will stop at nothing to ensure that this certain boy's head is no longer afffixed to his shoulders.

And I have to say that there is something wonderful in having my horse stand up for me the way no one else ever has; in knowning that he's got my back and he's willing to put up with my endless errors and at the end of the day?

He still lets me sing him love songs and scratch behind his ears.

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Blogger Siuan said...

Sounds like a keeper to me! It nice to be so close to someone, even horse. Animals have such personality and make us feel warm and fuzzy.

1:32 p.m.  

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