Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't Read Your Horoscope....

At an emotional level, today's spread shows that you're going through a difficult period. Your emotions are sincere and deeply felt (the Moon), but some external force (the Tower) is upsetting the environment of your love life.

Deeply felt? Does that mean, that, like, the Internet is predicting that I feel like I'm being stabbed in the face with a US Marines K-Bar?

Arguments, painful revelations, temporary separation or even break-up - you'll be imagining the worst, dear Amanda. And for some, today could signal the point of no return.

Like, you mean to say that all that time I was telling people, I can't date him, he's a coworker! And people were like, You're paranoid of breakups! Go with it! And that whole time?


At work, the situation is tense, not to say explosive! The influence of the Tower is making it very difficult for you to control your impulsiveness, and you are unable to find the serenity you long for so much. This results in conflict with those around you and could result in your day being turned upside down. So watch out!

Clearly, by this they mean to hole up in a strange apartment and drink beer all night, washing away the woes of the world and napping in the comfort of someone else's comforter.



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