Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rest... I need Rest...

Thursday night and Friday were a whirlwind of activity for me. Friday morning Zydo had his exploratory procedure to determine what, if anything, is in his nose. The scope the vet used required two hands, and my dad was holding his sedated head up. So that left me doing the scoping of his nose. It's kind of cool, being back in the country where you get to assist on medical procedures like that. At the same time, I felt awful sticking a tube forty five centimetres up my pony's nose. His nose bled and at one point I had to leave because I can't stand to see animals in discomfort, but I only wept a little.

I did get to look in the scope and see everything that was in there... so I suppose now I can say I know my horse inside out.

The verdict is that there is not, in fact, a caterpillar or a mouse or piece of wilderness stuck up my horse's nose. He just has a sinus infection, which means that he needs shots of antibiotics for a week.

The vet also floated his teeth, which means she used a giant electric drill with a file on it and filed down his teeth so that they would sit properly. He had to have a hideous halter put on his head to cover his teeth, keep him from biting, and hold his mouth open. It was awful and he hated it.

I suppose that Zydo and I are cut from the cloth in that we're both prone to sinus infections and we both hate the dentist. However, he was a total lightweight with the sedatives and that's something I plan to hold over him forever. Like, Look here, Buddy: You may weigh twelve hundred pounds and all BUT AT LEAST I CAN HANDLE A GOOD BENDER NOW AND THEN.

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