Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Vegetables of my Labor...

But before I put the vegetables of my labor on display for the world to see, a picture of me and THE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD. Seriously. I love this guy. You'll have to excuse the excess of ass and thigh hanging over the saddle here. I'm working on it.

Now, I'm sure you all recall my garden. Here's a refresher pic of what is started out as. You know, the patch of sod that I cleared myself, picked the rocks out of, dumped loads of topsoil and manure into, cultivated, planted, weeded, loved...

Here is my garden today:

Remember when I thought I had a bean weevel? Something eating the tips off my beans, so that they would turn into little green sticks shooting out of the ground? Well, they prospered. Here they are, in all their bean-y glory.

The end result of my work is shown here, in the veggies we had for supper tonight. I must say that all were really, really good. There is just something about garden-fresh veggies that is so... Tasty. Summer-y-licious. Wonderful. Like little rays of sunshine dancing on my tastebuds.

Now, some other work I've done around The Ranch:

You'll see here out front door. Now imagine, if you will, that you inhabit a house with anywhere from two to four wild beasts known as 'dogs'. These 'dog' creatures spend their time with such activities as BODY SLAMMING THE KITCHEN DOOR with no less force than the Hand of God.

This handy-dandy device, however, stops them. I decided to fashion some sort of 'device' one day, and when this epiphany came over me, a gentlemanly neighbor was here to hear of my plans. I suppose when words like 'pig-tail fenceposts' and 'baler twine' came out of my mouth, he took pity on me and offered to help. And really, the end result is so much better than the fencepost and twine contraption I originally envisioned to stop the dogs from body slamming the door no less and three hundred and seventy six times per day. EACH.

Oh, the gate. Like, the best thing since sliced bread. Or, like, totally, the best thing since trained horses.

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