Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back at the Ranch...

After eight hours in a car on a highway full of truckers, I made it safely home to The Ranch early this evening. Mal was hungry so I made her forage for herself in the garden. Mmm, peas. Organic ones. Because organics are all that matter to beer drinking, chain smokers like me.

Zydo was happy to see me this evening. So happy, in fact, that he took his disgusting, snotty nose and swiped it all over my favorite capri pants. Mmm, horse snot.

Anxiety levels are high for me here on The Ranch tonight, as the vet comes to treat Zydo for whatever it is that ails him. So far I'm guessing that its either a grasshopper, a piece of plant material, a small rodent, a hair barret, or a piece of Tia's hoof from all the times she's tried to kick him in the teeth that is stuck up there in his nasal cavity. I'm thinking of starting a betting pool, but I suppose that offering a gambling service online would be against the law.

Whatever we find stuck up his nose, I promise to document it photographically. Hey, if its a mummified caterpillar, I may even keep it in a jar of formaldehyde. I bet that would be an excellent artifact to whip out on my next date.

Coperni-Kitty was somewhat less happy to see me. I tried to bribe her into letting me pet and cuddle her with the promise of yummy treats, but she ate and ran.

If I'd gotten the horse first? The damn cat would have never entered my mind.

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