Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh, Bother....

Well, you knew I had to blog about it eventually.

Britney is asking for a divorce. Sigh.

I really did have hope. I really wanted them to work through their issues, for him to take a shower and for her to wash her hair, and live a happy life together. I suppose that since they are a Hollywood couple, the chances of that happening are slim, seeing as how even Reese Whitherspoon and Ryan Phillipe have broken up. It also looks like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are having some issues as well, seeing as how he has gone to rehab.

You know, I don't understand this fascination I have with Britney Spears. I love her. I check out her various websites every day. I read people with 'wild abandon' on a daily basis.

And I've been sitting here in this big city, clenching my fists, saying "Go marriage! Stay commited! Yay Britney!" for two years now.

Unfortunately, like many people in this world, she married a fuckshit. You'll notice how I am being totally one-sided here? How I'm not putting any blame on her at all? Yep. You're right. I blame the man.

At any rate, I hope that she can find her peace, I hope that her babies can grow to be successful people, I hope that he can still be involved in his children's lives, and most of all?

I hope it keeps on happening on the internet, right before my eyes.



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