Saturday, November 11, 2006

In which I beg my father for a kitty....

Dear SuperDad,

I have to say that I am aware that I'm probably the most troublesome child you have. I needed those pesky braces on my teeth as a pre-teen, I get all kinds of sicknesses that require you and SuperNan to spend money on prescriptions, and you and your lovely wife are paying my phone bill (Among other things).

As one of your children, I am also the most confounding to you. I think the boys are probably much easier to deal with because they generally try to act like sane, rational people whereas I am the type who is prone to scream, cry, throw things, and have nervous breakdowns. If I had a quarter for every time you've asked me to please calm down, or to stop crying, or to not let something get to me, you probably wouldn't have to pay my phone bill any more.

Along with my fits of hysteria, I am prone to making fairly irrational decisions. For example, last week the Berry Queen came by to give some kittens to my friends.

And, as your luck would have it, one of my friends thought that perhaps now is not the best time to get a kitten.

And, at the same time, I happened to fall in love with him.

And I may have bought him a litter box and some kitten chow. Oh, and while I was buying that, I decided to name him Phinnaeus.

The problem is, Dear SuperDad, that I need to move back in with you fairly soon and as a result, my little kitty will be coming with me when I get there. He is really no trouble at all. Except for the whole curtains/houseplant fiasco of last week, but I think he's outgrown that already. And, you don't have any houseplants.

Another think about me is that I am prone to having fits of giddiness and cackling. Sometimes you swear expletives at my cackling fits and beg for me to please stop making noise. Sometimes you look at me with a little smirk on your face and a twinkle in your eye that says "Geesh, this kid is wierd." But your look also says "But she's mine and I love her."

So, think about how wonderful I am, how happy this little kitty has made me in the last weeks, how having another little kitty in the house will really not affect you at all, how your Grandson will love it when the kitty and I visit....

Think about the hours of cuddling good times, the enjoyment I'll get out of watching him climb my flimsy purple curtains, the warmth he'll bring me in the cold winter months.... Think about spelling his name out every time you say it in front of a new person, because Phinnaeus is kind of a strange name for a kitten.

Oh, and while you're thinking, think about saying yes?

Much love,

Toonses & Phinnaeus


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