Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Life, Life, and More Life....

Life goes on.

I had a wonderful weekend. I got to see the Berry Family, of course, and got to spend time at the Ranch drinking copious amounts of beer with the fam.

I had to say good-bye to Big Brother this weekend. He, his wife, and their lovely Princess came for the weekend. The Princess is now walking and contemplating talking. She knows who is who in terms of Mommy and Daddy and it is ever so cute. She also toddles everywhere, often screeching in glee over whatever she finds handy to be gleeful over.

She is an incredibly cuddly baby, and lets me pick her up and cuddle her pretty much whenever the urge strikes. Luckily, she puts up with this, as I'm trying to cuddle her almost every chance I get.

I get to go visit my sister in law over Christmas, so I'll get to see them at that time. Big Brother I won't be seeing until February.

As far as Canada's involvement in Afghanistan goes, I'm starting to feel more and more conflicted; However, I have my red Support Our Troops Tshirt and my magnet on my fridge. Because I do support our troops.

The BossMan has utterly mucked up my schedule at work this week: I'm not going to ask him to change it at this point because he has been ever so understanding lately with regards to my random sicknesses, school schedule, and frequent desire to go home. Next week though, there is no way I can handle this many hours. My course load alone is more than enough to do me in.

Fortunately, I'm not entirely done in yet.

And so, life goes on. Hopefully in the near future I'll have something more informative, interesting, entertaining? Anything to write about. For now, all I've really got is an entire dissertation from my family psych course, and even I'm fed up with that.



Anonymous Jummy said...

I will put Big Brother in my prayers and I hope the time from now until February flies by fast! Are you allowed to post pictures of the precious girl on your blog?

Since I think what you need is to add more to your plate, you shoudl join NaBloPoMo; see my blog for details. It's a great excuse to write for the sake of writing and not to entertain, although maybe the whole challenge will result in 30 entertaining entries!

4:16 p.m.  

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