Monday, October 23, 2006

One less heathen in the world....

I went to Berry Baby the Fifth's baptism this weekend. It was a grand time and the service was lovely. Berry Queen dubbed me the official photographer and I got some beautiful pictures of all the Berry Babies.

At one time, Berry Baby the Eldest and I were chatting about something or other and I gave her some form of inane advice. Something like "Don't date anyone with wierd piercings or purple hair". And she rolled her eyes at me and said "Yes, Aunt Amanda". And I was a little stunned and I said "Aunt?!" And she said "I dunno... cousin? Something".

Another time Berry Baby the third was talking to someone about me in my hearing distance and he said "That's Amanda. She's our.... Amanda?"

That's the thing about the Berry Family. They're like an extension of my own family, but the difference is, we got to choose each other.

I know that the Berry Queen is not completely comfortable with pictures of her kids on the internet. I'd love nothing more than to share some of the pics I got of the beautiful, well mannered and often hilarious Berry Family, but I'll just instead have you picture the most wonderful children in the world. I'm their Something. And I love it.



Anonymous Jummy said...

Awww (about not wanting the Berry babies all over the interweb), well I'm glad you got some great pics! Maybe you can put them into a mini album for the Berry family!

1:25 a.m.  

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