Thursday, September 28, 2006

When your own blog bites you in the ass....

I'm sure you'll all recall my new policy of dishonesty. I thought it was a great idea. Until today.

Last night I asked someone, who we'll refer to as my secretary for today, if she had deposited a fair portion of money into my bank account. And she said yes.

I need to digress now, and explain that I have been spending some time lately with an individual. So, this individual and I have been spending time together. Yes.

And today I figured we could have some supper.

So we went to the grocery store. And, this individual tried to pay for the stuff I had picked up but I figured, Nah, my secretary put plenty of funds in my account yesterday! She said so! So I laughed and said "You can pay if it gets declined!"

And I giggled my cutest giggle, because that's just how cute I am.

And it came up declined.

So I was talking with my secretary tonight, and I asked: How come you said that you put money in if you didn't? Because I kind of feel like an ass.

And my secretary, the wonderful woman that she is, said "Well, I read in your blog that dishonesty is the best policy. So, I told you that there was money in your account with the full intention of going straight away to put the money in your account. And I kind of forgot."

Sigh. Damn my new policy.

I'm keeping it for now though. I think I'll nix the new policy with a three strike rule. That should do it.



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