Monday, September 11, 2006

In which I put a To Do list on my blog....

SuperNan and SuperDad visited yesterday. I always think it's hilarious when they 'drop in' to see me, which they've done three times now. The thing is, SuperNan always used to complain about her mother in law, who lived three thousand miles away, doing things like "Dropping in for coffee". And then staying for three weeks.

Now, I know that my parents only live like, a hundred miles away. So, it's not like they had to book tickets or like they stayed for three weeks. But still. Don't you see the funniness?

While here, SuperNan said to look at the positives. Keep positive. Because happiness is what you make it and all that.

So: TO DO:

1. Send a Thank You card to my boss for being great when Grandad was sick.

2. Clean my house so that the odor eminating from the kitchen stops.

3. Play my guitar loud and like I mean it because I missed it while I was gone.

4. Buy my textbooks.

5. Actually spend time reading said text books.

6. Clean my room

7. Get a new student card; or, find my old one when I clean my room

8. Clean Coperni-kitty's living quarters

9. Dance like no one is watching.
(Wait. No. I better not do that.)

10. Stop wearing my LumberJack Jacket to work and school.

We'll see how this goes....



Anonymous Jummy said...

How'd you do with the list?

9:59 p.m.  

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