Sunday, September 24, 2006

The sickness....

As you all know, my trusty readers, my body is in the terrible habit of turning on me from time to time. Evidence of this has been seen in various forms: The development of my backfat, which I abhore; the fact that in times of stress I break out in hives; the fact that I'm crazy; the fact that I get random sicknesses that leave me feeling as though I'm on my deathbed ... these all point to the fact that my body hates me.

My body has once again decided to hate me, and I'm sitting here nursing a glass of orange juice and wondering if it's too soon to call 911 because I hate being sick and I detest the fact that occasionally I get sick and then there's nothing for me to do about it.

Except, of course, whine to my blog.

Another week is starting up now which is good: I'm surprised at how fast the school year is going. Midterms and term papers are all beginning to come under way: I have four papers to do, some group work, and a million pages of text to read.

I also have the joy of a Sexology class this year: there's nothing quite worse than spending every Monday night from seven till ten watching a professor point out the proper names and locations of parts of anatomy I didn't know existed. I'm finally learning something in University and I'm thinking to myself: This is what I'm learning? Thirty thousand dollars worth of education later, and it's come down to a Monday night sex class. Oh, the places life takes us. If anyone had told me that it would take three years of University and a sex class before I learned something that is A) new to me and B) actually applicable in the real world, I probably would have saved my money and stayed at home.

But if I'd done that, I would never know the joys of getting absolutely tanked on a Saturday night with your favorite cousin and a group of wild girls and going out on the town, capping the night with greasy shawarma and four a.m. balcony beers before passing out about the house.

It's been a good weekend and now I'm going to bed, where I can curl up in my down duvet (Thanks Mom and Dad) and my flannel sheets (Thanks Mom) and my wool American Flag Blanket (Thanks T) and go to sleep wearing my big brother's army T-shirt (That he's never getting back) and my favorite lucky underwear. They're from the lucky underwear store and I have to say that if anything can ward off a random sickness, it's good underwear.

Have faith.




Anonymous bigman78 said...

Well, if lucky underwear can ward off random illnesses, you had better give me your lucky underwears to help save me from the crocodilitis!

That or you had better tell me more about them. :D

6:41 a.m.  
Anonymous bigman78 said...

Hmm, and do you need a partner to help you study for sexology? :Þ

6:43 a.m.  

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