Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Look here, Sickness....

This can not happen! I can not, will not get sick. I will will this sickness away if this is the last thing I do in this life. And considering how I feel right now, it may well be.

This is the thing about being sick and living on my own. My roommate is porbably just not that interested in making me tea, putting together a bed on the couch, and bringing me Advil and Tylenol every time I whine. And I get that.

When I'm at home and I'm sick, I get five star service. SuperNan brings me trays of nice things like Ginger Ale and decongestants. They keep me well stocked in Kleenex. She sends SuperDad down to town to pick up supplies. He makes me tea that is just exactly the right strength sweetened with honey. That's because it soothes your throat better than sugar. And SuperNan makes cinnamon toast that is spiced just right.

The next time I'm home and I get sick, I've decided to make a real production out of it. I figure that with the promise of enough candy and TimBits, I can even get my nephew in on the game. Bringing me things, putting on my favorite movies, running to the store to pick up orange juice, multivitamins, and keeping me company on doctor's appointments. I'll even convince them to wash my blankets in nice smelling stuff so I can be cozy and comfy.

For now, I had to go to the store (alone) and pick up my own Orange Juice (that I had to pay for myself?!?) and carry it all the way back to my house. Where I had to make it (While my roommate looked on) and drink it without the company of sympathetic parents.

Yeppers. Cold season 2007? You can expect all kinds of productions to be put on then.


(Who, by the way, seems to have staved off the illness again ... I'm just wondering how long I can keep it off before it hits full-swing.)


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