Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm neglecting my blog!!

Sorry, Dear Blog, for he neglect as of late.

I have millions of ideas for things to post, but alas, I have no time to post them. With six classes and somewhere in the area of eighty five bazillion hours per week at the SubShack, I'm feeling kind of worn down.

My Friday consists of this:

Seven am: Wake up

Eight thirty till ten am: Class

Ten till eleven thirty am: Class

Eleven thirty till five pm: Work

Five thirty till eight thirty pm: Class

Eight thirty till eleven pm: Dinner with Mal

Eleven till two am: Working on a group project at my house.

The following morning, bright and early I get to get up and go HOME for my niece's first birthday!! (How did she grow up so fast? She can WALK for heaven's sake!!)

So, at least I have one thing to focus on, but at the same time, I'm exhausted.

And now, I must sleep.

Good night, Blog!



Anonymous Jummy said...

Nite! :) Hope you had fun with Mal.

12:40 p.m.  

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