Monday, September 11, 2006

Perception vs. Perspective...

A lot of things in this world, I've discovered, rely heavily on perception and perspective. This is something I studied in college and I find it incredibly interesting.

What brings this post on is how I feel today. I feel fine. I feel good. I feel ambitious and ready to face the school year again.

After berry season, I came back to the city and sat around, unemployed, for two weeks. It was boring and left me feeling lacking in ambition to do anything. Then I got two jobs in the same day (Back at the SubShack, and a job at a drugstore, which I quit last week.)

Then I was exhausted, tired, homesick, cranky, and wallowing in my own misery. It all came to a head the day that Berry Baby the Fifth was born, because I needed to get there and I couldn't. Bless you, Davey, for being my hero once again.

The thing about perception is that if you perceive yourself to be in a certain situation, then because of that perception, you pretty much are. If you feel a certain way you believe it to be true.

And so I was perceiving my life to be crappy, and so I thought it was.

And so I sat on the balcony drinking beer and chain smoking.

Then a real emergency came up. The thing that got me about it was that I was walking down the street crying. It was the second time in three days I had done that, as the day I found out the Berry Baby was coming, I walked home from work crying.

And I realized that when you walk down the street crying about nothing, and when you walk down the street crying about something, you look he same way to everyone else.

The difference is that unhappiness needs to be put into perspective. And I guess the thing is, that when you put it into perspective and you realize that you're healthy and generally happy; you have all your needs met; you have a job and the ability to work at it.....

Well, when you count up all that, well, the perception you have gets put into perspective for you.

My roommate and I cleaned the house today. I went to my Psych of the Family course and the prof is really nice and funny... the class looks interesting and will cover a lot of the things I'm interested in.

I feel good.



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