Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unhealthy Attachment

My precious puppy has returned to me, praise be.

Dixie ran off after a deer, or perhaps a rabbit, but this time she stayed in the forest. It is typical that, if you lose your dog, you leave your jacket in the place where you last saw her with a tidbit of food and hopefully, the dog will know enough to stay there until you return.

About twelve hours after her disappearance, my brother returned to the bush and lo and behold, there was my Dixie! She was tired from her shenanigans and slept for a large portion of the day. I returned to the house to fawn over her and she didn't even get up off the couch to muppy with me.

Please know that I use the word 'muppy' here as a verb. Dixie and I have this tradition whereby I squeal "Muppymuppymuppy" at her and she begins to howl, whine, wiggle all over, and generally fly into a frenzy. We muppy over each other when I come home from work, during commercial breaks on TV, if I've been drinking too much, or if she discovers me sleeping in my bed. A big fan of pushing me off my pillows and hogging up the covers, that Dixie.

I sat for the evening that Dixie was gone trying very, very hard not to focus on the fact that I may never see her again. I simply can't imagine a life without her, a life free of muppying, a life free of my trusty couch companion. My life is severely lacking a cuddle buddy to watch mindless TV with, and Dixie fills that void quite nicely.

At any rate, rather than trying to fix my unhealthy attachment to my beagle, I am just going to bask in the fact that she is mine and that perhaps this year was her last year deer hunting. I know she loves it but I have to wonder if it would be worth it should her mind falter and she forgets her way back to where we hunt in the bush.



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