Friday, September 18, 2009

A Show-ing We Will Go...

After yet another insidious week with Zydeco, it has been decided that we will, in fact, make it to our show this Sunday.

This past week the White Line Disease in his right front hoof progressed further than it ever has and caused his hoof wall to collapse. When this happened, the shoe on his foot turned and embedded itself in the frog of his hoof. (That would be the soft spot of his dainty foot.)

This caused him to be incredibly lame on Monday. It was remedied the following day by our miraculous farrier. He cut off the rotting part of his foot, raised the frog of his foot away from the ground with some thick rubber padding, and put a new shoe on him. He also cut little incisions in the hoof so that we could better apply the treatment to the white line itself. So far, things seem good.

We gave him some painkillers and my father rode him on Wednesday, professing him sound and on Thursday I had a wonderful ride on him. I rode again today and he seemed fine, so we are going to the show.

I feel strongly that all things in life should have their own theme song. My theme song changes often, depending on my mood, the weather, and what happens to be on the radio as I profess something to be my theme song.

Zydeco, too, has a theme song. It is the same tune as the Spiderman theme song and the lyrics go like this:

Goes anywhere
A Horse can go

And then on the end you tack on:

Except on a trailer.

And if I'm feeling particularly happy with him at that particular moment, I may tack on these words instead:

Except on a meat truck

What I'm saying here is that Zydeco does not appear to enjoy trailering and so I have conerns about getting him into the trailer we have borroed for this show. We hope that last year our trailering difficulties were a result of him simply not liking my coach's trailer, as there are two varieties of trailer: A step-up and a ramp.

So, here I am, practiced and ready to go for the glory, riding a level higher than the level I rode at last year, having overcome yet another spectacular injury and of course, all the rest of the types of injuries that plague my horse.

All I want is a day in the spotlight with my magnificent boy.

And it will be mine on Sunday!

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