Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby, Let's Go For a Drive...

I didn't feel like going straight home after work this morning, even though after a nineteen hour shift I'm typically ready to bond with my couch for a while. I drove down to Tim's and got myself a coffee and took the long way home.

I drove down the highway and toured around the the town my old church is in. There was a jolly farmer who had a huge junkyard just up from the church, and I wondered if he was still there. His junk yard has expanded and he was actually on the road in his tractor this morning, grinning and waving at me like he's done since I was about twelve. Just a happy farmer with a lot of neat stuff around.

I drove by the church where I received my first communion and where years ago I stood with the person who is now my ex husband. I still feel like that whole situation punched me in the face, but really, it didn't even make me sad. It just is what it is.

I drove through a more run down area of the country. I think it is what most people would call a rural ghetto. And since I was a child, the place has cleaned up quite nicely. The houses look less scary, better kept.

I drank my coffee and listened to the radio and the rain poured down. And me and my Jeep just kept going, wherever we felt like going with the rain pelting the rag top. I don't really know what I was thinking or if there was anything of value to bother taking up my thoughts. It was just a long ride in my trusty Jeep. Perhaps not the most economical way to spend a morning, or the most environmentally friendly...

I think there's just something about driving around in a vehicle you love that is good for the soul. I've got a term paper due, a project on the go at work that I can't begin to complrehend, berry season coming up, a horse who is out of shape, and a pair of dress riding boots that won't go around my legs.

Nothing like a little therapeutic driving to clear a person's head.



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