Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, Happiness...

Remember this post?

I was so sad that Dixie looked old and sad.

Well, a few days after that, Dixie gave up all will to live and laid in her kennel for hours on end, nursing a paw that had some sort of abscess on it. In a panic, I took her to the vet because she had not gotten up to pee in about eight hours. With her bladder condition, this is not good news.

A hundred and thirty two dollars later, Dixie was diagnosed with an infection in her paw that had gone systemic and required antibiotics.

A week after that?

Dixie is back to her old self again! She is happy, full of life, and thrilled to terrify my horse by hunting small game in the ditch beside my riding ring.

She is still grey around her muzzle, but other than that she is bright eyed, eating like an overweight beagle should eat, and greeting me with more joy than she has been in the past few weeks.

Oh, happiness. My beagle is healthy once more.



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